Future Vision

The current goal for Healers Without Borders is to establish a six-week amazinGRACE® healing camp in India, annually. This will allow the participation of 90 healers and 900 people receiving treatments.

Healers Without Borders is also interested in the opportunity of offering healing in other countries including, but not limited to, South Africa, Cuba, and Panama. The goal in mind is to spread the healing as far as possible, to whole communities, schools, institutions, and teams of athletes. Continuously seeking those in need of healing while incorporating supervision and participation from medical doctors.

However, most importantly in the future vision of Healers Without Borders is its potential for sustainable social change. It is not just the opportunity for people receive healing, but the limitless things they can now do with their new health. Annette Müller and her Healers Without Borders want the healing to continue long after they have left, and they would accomplish this by training and teaching healers in the far-away places that they visit, leaving a community with more resources for health and healing than they previously had. This would help to influence and restructure how we think about medical care, including its equity and accessibility.